The term Smart-Energy comes from the philosophy of using the most ecological, cost effective approach to solve your energy needs, while reducing your environmental impact. We firmly believe everyone is capable of reducing their energy consumption and saving money. We offer our client’s custom solutions to best fit their energy needs, while cutting costs. Reducing your energy expense and putting money back into your business is what we are all about.

Jon Vanos President

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat. Before smart energy became the norm, it was viewed as a threat to many in our industry, but we saw it as an opportunity to help our customers take their buildings into the future. Since the early 1990’s Pro Mechanical Services has been a certified Honeywell Controls Contractor. What began as a two man operations has grown into a large division of our company, with an excellent mix of young eager professionals paired with experienced and knowledgeable mentors. This resourceful mix allows us to handle any project. Utilizing the most powerful system available, Pro Mechanical Services can provide smart solutions for controlling HVAC, Lighting, Central Plant, Critical Operations, Environmental, Energy, Access, CCTV, Video and Safety Systems. Together we create solutions to fit your needs.


  • Monitor Facilities Remotely
  • Produce Trends and Critical Alarms
  • Manage Comfort Systems and Energy Usage
  • Track Traffic Within a Facility