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2020 Solution Provider of the Year Named
Top 10 BIM Company by Construction Tech Review Magazine

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an invaluable tool for the construction industry with an array of benefits. It supports optimization of building designs to aid the selection of alternative design elements and materials before construction begins.

With the advancement of BIM, the value added to projects continues to increase. BIM is an essential collaborative tool, which is invaluable to cost managers, contractors, designers, facilities managers, and the client alike.

To help construction companies who struggle to adopt and implement BIM technology, Construction Tech Review Magazine identified “Top 10 BIM/Consulting Services of 2020”. These companies play a significant role for many construction companies to attain completed BIM Models in timely deliverable and high-quality.

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Helping the Commercial Building Industry Work Smarter

BIM has enabled Pro Mechanical Services and our clients to bring a holistic approach towards improving the process of design, construction, and operation, consequently increasing the value creation across all the life cycle Virtual Design & Construction 2020 Solution Provider of the Year Named Top 10 BIM Company by Construction Tech Review Magazine stages of construction. We BIM/VDC as a complete service offering and go beyond leveraging it merely as a tool – helping building owners reduce projects costs, improve project delivery and optimize building efficiency. During the design phase, BIM can quickly iterate on design elements, including building form, sustainability, client requests, municipal regulations, budget, and more.

One of our clients created 100 visualizations for a church and adjusted the shape of the building to appear curved, but with flat glass, saving over 100 million dollars on glazing and 1,000 hours of design time. Sustainable building design is yet another hurdle during the pre-construction phase.

Another client, a legal cannabis firm, approached us to assist in setting up their facilities. The client required services ranging from building design to electrical to security and HVAC. It was a design-build project and the requirements were unique and new.

No guidelines exist for the design of grow rooms for marijuana plants, and this made the designing part challenging. By using live modeling, we addressed these challenges effectively and brought significant savings to our client. We designed and installed dedicated electrical circuits, including an emergency back-up system and CCTV cameras for the facility.

Pro Mechanical Services is your partner in the various phases of building construction. We continue to innovate. We are investing more in technology. We are incorporating CNC machines into construction.

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