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Facility efficiency increases the value of the asset.

Pro Mechanical Services understands that your needs are as different as your facilities. For this very reason, we consult with our customers to provide customized solutions.

Pro Mechanical has a unique perspective and ability to drive new ways of thinking and innovating. The broad experience of our team and our broad customer base allow us to set the industry standard and exceed customer expectations.

We offer a variety of comprehensive service plans that include both your annual tune-up and most repair costs. Learn more about our Service Offerings.


Services Offered

  • Full Electrical/Mechanical/DDC Service
  • 24/7/365 on-call services
  • 2-hour average response time
  • Full custom service/maintenance contracts
  • Emergency response


  • Manage HVAC systems and energy usage
  • Monitor facilities remotely
  • Manage and monitor surveillance and security systems
  • Electrical solutions (commercial and industrial)
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repair


  • Air Quality Control
  • Automation and Controls
  • Boilers, Chillers, Hydronic Systems
  • Commercial HVAC/R
  • Electrical Service
  • Facility Services
  • Life Safety Level 2 Fire Damper Service
  • Mechanical Balancing
  • Mechanical Lifecycle Planning
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring, Alarming
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Screw and Centrifugal Machines
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Temporary Service
  • Water and Glycol Testing

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