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The Washington State Energy Code effective date is February 1, 2021. Building permits submitted on or after February 1, 2021 must meet requirements of the 2018 Edition of the Washington State Energy Code-Residential (2018 WSEC-R) or the 2018 Edition of the Washington State Energy Code-Commercial (2018 WSEC-C). The Washington Department of Commerce released its 2021 State Energy Strategy in January 2021. The Energy Strategy recommends many policy initiatives in multiple sectors.

Electricity: The Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), adopted by the Washington legislature in 2019, requires the transition to 100% non-emitting electricity by 2045. The Strategy recommends increased investment in efficiency measures, renewable generation and transmission infrastructure, energy market reforms, and the development a smart and flexible electric grid that includes distributed energy resources, demand response programs, microgrids and storage.

Buildings: The Strategy emphasizes increased efficiency and the transition from fossil fuels to electricity for water and space heating in both residential and commercial buildings. It recommends revisions to the state energy code to adopt zero-carbon and all-electric construction and efficiency requirements.

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